Your city is dynamic, your public transit should be too.

Microtransit in your city

Downtowner partners with cities to provide door to door rides for thousands of people per day. We bridge gaps in existing transit lines, ease parking and traffic congestion, and improve downtown livability.

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Improve existing mobility

We compliment existing fixed route services, and make them more usable by providing the first and last mile of transit. No need to lay down tracks, build stations or wait months for expensive trolleys. We can be operational within weeks for a fraction of the cost.

Ease Parking and Traffic

Door to door rides keep local cars in driveways and out of valuable parking spots. Our algorithms are constantly optimizing driver work flow, picking up riders in the smartest way possible. Grouping riders heading in the same direction cuts down on vehicle traffic and cost per passenger.

Connect the Community

Mobility drives local economy, increases downtown livability and keeps visitors coming back. We add value and convenience to the downtown core and nearby neighborhoods. Our data tools allow cities to understand when, where and how their community is moving.

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